Technology Portfolio Management
The technology portfolio is the totality of hardware, software and services demanded by the business.  Every element of this portfolio must be procured from an external supplier or developed from within.  To help organizations manage suppliers, projects, processes and costs we offer the following services as part of an overall strategy for leveraging the IT investment.

Portfolio Baseline
We develop an objective profile of your entire portfolio, the suppliers and projects that deliver them, and how costs are allocated.  The baseline identifies money you may be leaving on the table as well as conflicts and redundancies amongst suppliers, projects, procurement and other processes.

Investment Strategy
We map your desired architecture against the Portfolio Baseline to determine which suppliers and projects will be critical to your success and which can be eliminated.  Developing both a Sourcing Strategy and a Project Prioritization Analysis, we help you decide where to invest in IT going forward. 

Portfolio Transformation
We help you deliver your Investment Strategy by shifting resources to critical suppliers and projects.  Whether because of a merger, acquisition or the need to align the technology portfolio with your desired architecture, this process can reduce overall portfolio costs by as much as 15%.  

Procurement Leverage
We streamline, empower, and centralize your IT procurement process to reduce total portfolio spending by as much as 25%.  Since more than half of technology portfolio investment goes to external suppliers, leveraging the procurement process is key to cutting costs and coming to contract with critical suppliers.   

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