Executive Team
Herbert W. Perkins III (Bart)
Bart has over 25 years experience leading IT efforts for major corporations and consulting firms.  As CIO of two Fortune 250 companies, he developed technology supplier management systems to reduce risk, improve service levels and lower costs.  Bart has been a Partner at KPMG Peat Marwick (Nolan, Norton & Co.), a Vice President at Technology Solutions Company, and co-founder of The Value Sourcing Group, an IT vendor management consulting firm.

Scott Knell
Scott is a recognized leader in the field of IT procurement and vendor management.  During his 20-year career, he has consulted to or delivered training within over half of the Fortune 100.  Scott is a former director of CSC-Index Research and Advisory Services, the director of Technology Strategy at Black & Decker and the Vice President of IT Strategy for Marriott International.   He has recently led IT procurement transformations for two multinationals resulting in audited savings of over 18% in total IT spending. 



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