LP consultants have been leveraging the IT portfolio since 1994

Bart Perkins, CIO of Dole Food Company, launches the Preferred Vendor program to cut costs and eliminate redundant hardware and software purchases.  Saves over $1 million in the first year.

Scott Knell, a CSC-Index consultant, predicts that organizations will form and re-form supply chain partnerships on demand and begins to develop supporting portfolio management methodologies. 

Perkins becomes a founder of The Value Sourcing Group, a consultancy focusing on strategic supplier portfolio management.

Knell develops Technology Portfolio Management to prepare organizations for the transition to e-business.

Perkins becomes CIO of Tricon Global Restaurants (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC); implements a Preferred Supplier program.  Saves millions of dollars for company and franchised stores while standardizing and improving service.

Knell applies Technology Portfolio Management in multiple client engagements saving millions of dollars in IT spending.

2001 to 2008
Perkins and Knell found Leverage Partners and begin applying Technology Portfolio Management to help CIOs manage their IT assets.  


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